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Posted By on October 1, 2015

Your basic human NEEDS are shelter, medical, water, food & human rights, during all disasters who ever is supplying these is IN CHARGE of that country REALLY, today I saw a TV program about a homeless guy being moved on from Oxford Street he DEMANDED his property would go with him other wise it be stolen or thrown away, right now and I mean RIGHT NOW you could end up on the streets homeless, being homeless isn’t immoral, the fact we have homeless IS. Being homeless also hasn’t a class invoked, I saw ALL sorts of people on the street, when I was in London recently I came across a couple they weren’t addicts, they had just lost their jobs and their HOME, they laid there in their sleeping bags with their WEEKLY treat of able to watch X-Factor and other shit like that on their mobil, remember that next time you watch it.

Now another fact, even now right now I hate living in a house, I prefer a nice stubby Bedford Coach ANY DAY, I came across A LOT of people like that people who been locked up in one way or another at an early age, sectioned, prisoned and the whole WHERE DO I STAND, there’s a TV film called Safe, right now I have had a flash back to the end and I am near on in tears and I mean that if I was to watch now I would cry I have seen it twice and cried BOTH times, this film REALLY depicts what it is like to be homeless and I TOTALLY understand/stode it. It took me MANY years to understand and I mean to BEGIN to understand the whole family CONCEPT, as well as the whole home & being safe concept, I had a mate who had a set of keys around his neck, he lived in a bin I asked him about them and he said,” Now I own the bloody keys.” Since the age of ten he had been locked up in one way or another he COULDN’T sleep in a house or building, he DIDN’T feel SAFE.

I recently walked along the Embankment on the Thames and went past the spot where a mate slept in his sleeping bag two fugs one winter threw him in the Thames he died, lucky he had a HUGE hit of Smack and pretty didn’t know much about it, when you sleep ruff you are SO vulnerable to idiots and fugs I have seen this SO MANY times and the person get arrested as well, life on the streets is so intense and hard that it is SO easy to full into addiction, to numb the pain, to take away the boredom, in such places like the Ship and others around the country you are/were pretty much thrown out on the streets at any thing between 7 & 9 am only to return to the hostel about 5pm in ALL weathers. I once went to a hostel with this bloke he took one look at this OLD Victorian building [NEXT TO A GRAVEYARD] and said,” I’ve just come out of a place like.” He turned and left, it was an ex Work House and nut house.

This is another point when the government decided to go with one of the biggest cons Care In The Community they released into the community SO MANY people they SHOULDN’T have, I met some people who shouldn’t have been on the streets REALLY, people whom now are NEVER gonna get out EVER, the guy who killed Flo in the bus station had spent MONTHS telling the authorities he was going to KILL someone, I met LOADS & I am sorry to say TO MANY and I am sorry if you work for Social Services in Care people who had been through there so-called books, people even like my self [GREW UP IN A FAMILY & FAMILY HOME] who didn’t understand the whole CONCEPT of what it is be safe, what I was talking about before hand. Right now and I mean RIGHT NOW you could end up homeless, just like the couple in Fleet Street, it’s hard and horrible and evil, but & I mean a HUGE but I still want it sometimes, no not on the streets but in a bus may, I REALLY must say that there WASN’T any worries when I was on the so-called road.