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Posted By on October 12, 2015

When I was younger I introduced MANY things ideas and concepts of how this world operates, the 1970’s and 1980’s were an amazing time for the S0-CALLED people, the 1960’s were a TRUE & ONLY decade of the Working Classes SO MANY Working Class men & women made their MARK on the planet, by the 1970’s it is believed they had got so-called TO BIG for their boots, I am a FIRM believer that the whole British Leyland thing was a HUGE rouse to destroy the unions and our Car industry, I believe the unions were bank rolled by SOME group who wanted the rid of this, the Japanese had moved into the whole vechical world they had monopolised motorbikes and cars, in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Triumph Bonneville was THE bike to have in AMERICA more the the Harley, by 1973/4 it wasn’t.

So 1979 what did this country do it elected a bitch of woman who stuffed EVERY ONE who was poor, did you know in 1943 both Liverpool & Glasgow dockyard fretened to strike? Every thing that came from America would enter Liverpool there were convoys entering and another leaving, Glasgow was were the ships were being built and repaired both ran 24/7 365 days of the year. The Union reps met with the Government and when they said no, the dockers rep said these words, “ Ok we’ve got the backing of the Miners too.” The government knew it had to give in, when Bitch Face got in power she did these two docks first and then the Miners, in Liverpool & Glasgow at one point 65% unemployment, I lived in Liverpool in the early 1990’s and it WASN’T the City Of Culture, but the city of CRACK. Society had rid them self’s of these militant lefties as all the MEDIA portrayed and it was ALL done through so many different ideas and concept. Right we must establish a facts her now.

Hitler NEVER forced his way into power he was ELECTED, the German people ALL [BAR A FEW ] follow him into abyss, they said,” Ok you can desolve parliament and become soul leader.” If David Cameron would be like this it would fascism he would become a dictator, so how do you get shit through? How do you get rid of such things as the National Health, the Welfare State and so on? You get the people to do it, you MAKE SHORE the people know all these things cost, you DON’T tell them that your wars you have had and NOT won, have fleeced the country, you don’t say that each of the Iraq & Afghan wars there won’t be much change out of a Trillion pounds, the first nine months of the Iraq war cost Tax Payers £64,000,000 these facts are spoken about, but you will pay for Channel Four to make documentaries about how the N.H.S. Is costing Billions of pounds, you will get Channel Five make such TV programs called either Life On The Dole or a street full of unemployed people and NEVER ask simple question WHY are there no jobs in there area or worse off VERY low paid ones.

My Granddad’s one was a Tory and the other was a Liberal and I believe my Nan’s were pretty much the same, they ALL voted Labour in 1945, the Tory Granddad NEVER voted Labour again, he was bricklayer and HAD TO join the Navy in 1937 because there WASN’T any work, the Labour government when he returned made MASSIVE promises that a government actually kept, they promised a Welfare State, National Health and most of HOUSING he spent the rest of his life working for the councils building team, the actual housing estate he & my grandmother ended their life’s HE BUILT, for an extra shilling a week he got a Natonal Health so if he and my family got ill they would be ok, the age of death went UP it is estimated 20 years. If it wasn’t for a N.H.S. I and yes YOU would be DEAD, my folks grew up in back to back slum two up two down rat invested squaller and crap, they saw poverty REAL poverty and LOADS of that was done away with. Both my Granddad fought a war and so did my Grandmothers, they went through HEAVY shit.

It is US whom are going to cut the cords and let this ship sail away it won’t be the Tory or ANY government they will of course instigate it all they will give us SOME of the facts NOT all, just like the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction the LIE they told and we believed it and now hundreds of men and women have been messed by it all and what is the government going to do? Lay thousands off, all they do is point at the shit and we clean it up, if you REALLY believe things are going to get better then I am SO sorry that it won’t this is why I DIDN’T vote, because they are ALL in this together and ALL parties will destroy the country, I want to finish up with a quote from Bruce Cockburn,” Man tried to create the New Jerusalem and ended up with New York.”