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Posted By on October 12, 2015

In life things can go some what wrong, one of the VERY first thing we must establish is that we are ALL fragile and can break easy, but we humans are the most well established animals on the planet, we can cure our self’s and found MANY medicines that help and even bring great relief, I have medicated my self in MANY forms some legal and mostly illegal, it was Sgmond Freud whom said,” The best cure for Depression is Cocaine.” Being an EX user/abuser of it I TOTALLY disagree, NO drug will bring about a REAL joy, you need to find that within your self, yes curtain drugs can help and relieth pain and causes of the pain, but & I mean a HUGE but, they have their places, it took me two attempts to find the right medication for my self.

The first medication I was put on was a Anti – Depressants called Prothidan, this TOTALLY screwed me up and still today I have effects from it, I spent I believe only three – four years on it, when I detocked MY SELF from it, it took sometime and quite A LOT out of me mentally, physically and I believe SPIRITUALLY. Around 2002 I began ANOTHER journey into medication and Anti – Depressants with Maritzipan and this time it WORKED, where I was what is called gouched [TOTALLY NUMBED OUT] on Prothidan, this drug I wasn’t, but it slowed me down, I had a VERY high & OVER ATICE Foride glans, for MANY years I couldn’t gain weight, as soon as I eat ANY THING I burned it off before it became fat, when on went on Marzipan over a few months I gained weight and at one point was 15 stone/ lbs [NORMANLLY 10 STONE MAX/ LBS] this WASN’T a bid thing though, all the Marzipan did was slowed me down and I could sleep better, a lack of sleep is a MAJOR factor of Mental Health problems.

So as you see the medication you may be on or about to take is NOT going to cure you, this takes VERY hard work and a constant amount of work, I had to go through A LOT of pain to receive the freedom I have [STILL GETTING THERE] one of the MAJOR factors was letting go of stuff, two thing I had do here the words,” Only if.” Will KILL YOU, it will be quicker to slit ya wrists, first those two words will kill you mentally and then physically and the other is what ever has happened in your past, what you’ve done is DONE, there is NO WAY you can change it, you have to let it go, the past belongs in the past, I understand that somethings can haunt you like from the past, but the VERY first step is letting it GO, if you need to make amends then that is a MUST, I still have some to do I am pretty much all the way through.

Making amends is VERY hard, it is completely saying,” I am weak.” In weakness is strength us Men have a REAL problem with this and think is a bad thing, I like being weak, because it brings me closer to my family, my brothers and sisters come round me and hold me up they carry me and make me STRONG.