Art For Those Who Don't Think They Have Art In Them



Posted By on October 12, 2015

We are ALL weak, we must understand that we have a VERY strong will, but the simple things in life will bring SO MUCH harm, us men are frowned upon when we show we’re weak, we have left well behind the Hunter/Gather and must embrace that this WHOLE male macho bullshit is KILLING US & kick it back into touch, we must look at some clear facts this is a product [THAT’S ALL IT IS] and take upon the fact we are all equal here, what effects you effects women too, yes there are some things that differ us and we men cannot get and the same with them. The word women comes from the words A Man With A Woman hence the Wo bit at the front, we are only separated by the womb and our penis, but women have hearts, kidneys, lungs, blood and so on, the breathe the same way as us and have a brain [MITE WORK DIFFERENT] in the same place as we do.

To be weak as such is ok, I will repeat that to be weak as such is ok. I personally was brought up different and it wasn’t till my Mothers death all that was swept away, I laid my head on her lap and cried, she stroked my hair and said,” Let it ALL out my son, a REAL man shows his REAL feelings.” I was NEVER aloud to speak of the past and rubbish that effected me, she would ALWAYS say,” That’s in past Kev, we DON’T talk about that.” She never realised till she was really dying that was all rubbish, she realised that the past was still effecting me. The past in our life’s unless we deal with it and put it to bed as such it will KEEP effecting us, in my life I have HAD TO let go of stuff and let it go properly I have said,” Goodbye.” To MANY people and realms so being weak ISN’T rubbish, we are ALL built as social animals and have lived in some sort of pact or such for thousands of years, I know what isolation is TRULY like it took many years to come from the cold as such and live a true life.

Some years ago I was in my local pub and my phone rang and someone said to her partner,” Is that Kev’s mum?” A guy I know said VERY quickly,” NO Kev’s mum has been dead years.” We all laughed about it after, but she then said,” Why don’t you talk about you folks and family much?” I sat there and thought about it and said,” There’s the problem that word family, I don’t have much REAL concept of the word, it means NOTHING really to me, I have been here on my own for MANY years.” My family just didn’t understand me and what I was going through [AND NOR DID I] it isn’t there thought as well. All this REALLY kicked a idea around my head and I began to come in from the so-called cold, I have an adopted niece who has a daughter I had NO decision in this but they truly love as one of their own family and through there love over the years I opened my heart and there they placed LOVE, some years before I use to get violent if people showed me love, I STILL struggle sometimes but it is MORE easy, I am apart of a HUGE family I may not share the same D.N.A. As them but I am apart of it.